Entrepreneur Josue Oliveras Launches The Parallel Selling System, A Pro Masterclass For Unlocking The Power Of Relationship Building And Business Success

September 01 17:07 2020

1 September, 2020 – Josue Oliveras, a serial entrepreneur, is excited to share his new program to help a new generation of entrepreneurs find their dream customers and create lasting relationships for long-term success. Understanding the importance of relationships in business, Josue is sharing his successes and failures with others so they can learn and prosper.

An expert in sales, marketing, and consulting, Josue has long awaited an opportunity to share his knowledge with the world. Creating a holistic approach for entrepreneurs to reach their dreams, Josue’s newly announced Parallel Selling System has business leaders taking their ventures to the next level. It has never been easier to avoid marketing failures, learn effective ways to attract and retain clients, and spend more time with the people you love.

As part of the Parallel Selling System program, learn the ins and outs of relationship building through a masterclass which makes it easy to help prospects connect with a product or service, and nurture a revenue-generating relationship at the same time. Decoding the power of human intimacy, learn how to form bonds, interact with customers, understand connection, and avoid scaring away customers to make sales and drive profits. Included with the course is a launching pad for great conversations with dream customers and prospects, and a newfound confidence that has been empowering successful entrepreneurs every day worldwide. With program participation, get the opportunity to join an ever-growing community on their journey tackling the challenges before them.

Since debuting to the entrepreneurial community last month, a new generation of business leaders has been unlocking the secrets to relationship building, client retention, marketing, and sales like never before with the Parallel Selling System.

Available today for just $7, learn more by visiting ParallelSelling.com.

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