Clisen Assists in Anti-Epidemic Efforts, in Line with Other Asian-American Businesses

August 31 21:10 2020

Standing against prejudice and discrimination, and showing love and kindness at a time of acute ethnic and cultural tensions, Clisen, a California personal protective equipment company,  along with various other Asian-American organizations and companies, actively supports anti-epidemic efforts of the Southern California region and beyond.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rise, discriminatory remarks against Asian Americans have aggressively surfaced in our society, where there have been countless cases so far of Asian individuals being physically attacked and callously targeted. However, in the face of such prejudiced opinions from the public, the Asian-American community continues to exhibit love and support to Asian-American owned companies as well as numerous other institutions and organizations.

Since April 2020, epidemic prevention supplies have continued to be needed and utilized in large quantities. Many police and fire departments, including the Los Angeles County Police Department, have issued requests for help through community relations and outreach. A large number of Asian-American organizations and individuals have quickly extended their assistance—donating masks, hand sanitizers, and other preventive supplies.

As a result, throughout Southern California, nearly half of the police and fire stations are making use of masks and other epidemic prevention materials donated by numerous Asian-American institutions and companies.

On June 3rd, 2020, Clisen—an Asian-American medical supplies company, donated sanitizers and masks to the Chino Police Department in San Bernardino County, CA. Tim, the owner of CLISEN, said that since the outbreak, the company has made various donations to nearly 30 police stations, fire stations, as well as hospitals in cities and communities within the entire East Los Angeles area. Tim said: “In the face of the epidemic, there are no ethnic differences, and we must contribute our efforts and share our strengths however we can, in order to survive through this difficult time together.”

Since the outbreak of the virus in the United States in early March, Asian-American companies and organizations across the nation have been actively coordinating with various institutions and groups in fighting against the pandemic in a cross-cultural manner. 

The Houston Chinese Chamber of Commerce has donated 100,000 pieces of supplies, such as masks and protective garments. The Boston-based Chinese mutual aid group Westar, helped raised funds to purchase 250,000 pieces of mask protection equipment. Mr. Qiu, a Chinese entrepreneur in Los Angeles, donated over 300,000 pieces of protective garments throughout Southern California. Many others have also contributed in different scales throughout various regions and communities.

During this chaotic time, the selfless love of Asian-Americans continues to rewrite the narrative of cultural and ethnic discrimination while simultaneously gaining respect from the rest of the society. Letters of appreciation from various police stations and fire chiefs have been sent to Clisen along with other Asian-American companies that have participated in the outreach efforts during this time, to show respect and thank them for their effective and tireless contributions.

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