Radical Marketing Provides Amazing Marketing Results That Help Speakers & Coaches Fill Up Their Webinars & Seminars

August 31 18:01 2020
Radical Marketing Provides Amazing Marketing Results That Help Speakers & Coaches Fill Up Their Webinars & Seminars
Radical Marketing is an agency that provides specialised marketing campaigns directed at under-sold seminars and webinars. The techniques are designed to be effective and, at the same time, reduce the unit cost per registration.

Radical Marketing founded by Terence Tam is pleased to announce their webinar & seminar marketing services specialised for speakers, trainers, and coaches who are looking for marketing expertise to promote their webinar or seminar and ensure their event is filled with qualified attendees. 

When a seminar event does not reach the target number of attendees, not only do the event organisers stand to lose money but may also suffer the embarrassment of cancelling the event. 

Through years of experience, Radical Marketing offers a niche marketing service to help fill up those otherwise empty seats at seminars or maximise webinar attendees. With the current economic and pandemic climate, online seminars and webinars are crucial to any business wanting to drive sales and engage with their potential and existing audience. 

Radical Marketing has worked with various speakers including well-known names such as Joel Bauer, Mark Joyner, Arnon Barnes, Derek Gehl, Aaron Sim, Andy Lee, Mirriam MacWilliams, Kathlyn Toh, and Dr. William Dejean to name a few. All are elite, industry-leading speakers in Mentoring, Internet Marketing, Options Trading, Wealth Training, Business Coaching, and more. 

In a series of case studies, Terence points out the performance difference in registrations before and the final results after engaging him. These case studies provide evidence and highlight the benefits of using their marketing services and their ability to achieve outstanding results across a wide range of industries in different countries. 

In one particular case study, it describes how Terence and his team completely reversed the lagging registration rates and the cost per registered attendee in a less-than-two-week campaign. Other notable case study examples include:

  • Slashing registration costs from $38 to $15,

  • Generating 14,068 webinar registrations for one client, and

  • 1,372 seminar registrations in 6 weeks.

With Radical Marketing, effective speaker marketing results can be achieved by using various techniques and practices that have been refined by Terence over the many years of studying and teaching marketing. These include, but not limited to, Facebook ad optimisation, using engaging long-form landing pages, target audience strategies, and the evaluation of the business’s opportunity cost. 

Additional details are available at www.radical-marketing.com

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