Rectify – Chemical Underpinning Melbourne Restores Distressed Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Concrete And Masonry

August 28 18:22 2020
Rectify - Chemical Underpinning Melbourne Restores Distressed Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Concrete And Masonry
Polyurethane underpinning is an advanced method of supporting and rectifying slabs, particularly of concrete or masonry. The two-step process reverses holes and voids under the slab and results in a solid level surface.

Chemical Underpinning Melbourne is pleased to announce that the firm utilizes an advanced two-step process to correct problems and voids beneath concrete slabs. The underpinning involves injecting a two-part resin beneath the slab into the affected area. The innovative product expands rapidly to fill the empty spaces in the soil. Once the soil is strengthened, it forms a strong base layer to prevent further sinking. Additional resin is then injected into the area so that the base of the structure is lifted back into its original position. 

The process, also known as chemical underpinning, does not require excavation and additional concrete pours and/or steel bracing to level the area. The equipment used to inject the polyurethane is much less intrusive and is less likely, compared with traditional excavation equipment to damage the structure and the surrounding grounds. The chemical process sets much more rapidly compared with conventional products so the job can be completed in less time with minimal interruption to affected structure, be it a home or business.

Because of the advanced products and technology which are utilized, the resin sets in a matter of minutes and carries a 25-year warranty. As the resin is injected into the voids, it is possible to see the leveling process in real-time. 

Additional services available from the well-respected firm include masonry damp-proofing, brickwork stitching and reinforcing, concrete rectification, and waterproofing of leaking concrete slabs and basement walls. 

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Rectify is dedicated to providing masonry, concrete, and soil stabilisation products and services throughout the region. The construction and engineering background of their management team allows them to focus on delivering solutions that are environmentally friendly, economical, and durable. The firm has formed relationships with industry experts and suppliers from around the globe.

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