PetScrub Makes On-the-Go Cleaning and Grooming of Pets during COVID Easier, Looks for Business Partners for Marketing

August 26 07:06 2020
PetScrub Makes On-the-Go Cleaning and Grooming of Pets during COVID Easier, Looks for Business Partners for Marketing

August 26, 2020 Keeping pets clean is of paramount importance today. PetScrub is an innovative company, and its new technologies and expertise have quickly made it rank among the leaders in the pet grooming industry as well as the global network of partners. In the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario, regular grooming and cleaning has taken on renewed importance to protect pets and their owners, and  PetScrub will play an essential role in carrying it out anywhere without any hassles.

The ready to market pet cleaning product is the PetScrub machine. This is a revolutionary solution, patented, tested, and proven as the ideal product that pet owners want. PetScrub saves on time, saves valuable money, and is easy to use and comfortable. The product can carry out all bathing steps, from cleaning and de-shedding to drying and refreshing, in just under 10 minutes!

Dogs and cats go along with owners to many places, including camps, beaches, parks, airplanes, and on long vacations to other countries. It is not currently possible to clean them on the go, and hence PetScrub has been invented to make it easy and convenient. The product can also be used in hospitals, dog shelters, cleaning stations, mobile vehicles and more. 

We understand and value the power of partnership and stand ready to work with the right partner to fast track building the PetScrub brand and to get PetScrub to market in record time. Being part of a disrupting movement such as PetScrub will be extremely rewarding at a social and economic level as well,” said Kamel Takla, President for PetScrub.

Partners of PetScrub will enjoy the benefits of working with technologies that are protected with patents filed globally. Plus save on R&D cost and time and focus on business goals and go to market strategy  with the least amount of time, effort, and capital.

Business partners who believe that they would be the right strategic partner for PetScrub and the company and are ready to take on this no-brainer, low risk, huge potential business endeavor, whether to bring PetScrub to their market or to have a licensing deal, can contact the company at the below-mentioned address.

PetScrub is a disruptive technology and is an out-of-the-box solution that is easier, cheaper, better and more efficient. In a crowded consumer space, it is the ideal product to enter and dominate in the pet grooming industry.

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