Whizz, The Fashion Brand Reminds Women Of Their Original Aspiration In A Busy Modern Life

August 26 05:56 2020

Do you always feel exhausted after sticking to the partition for the whole day? Do you desire a vacation by yourself after the 24/7 babysitting? With the development of modern society, women are requested to function in more fields, while their real needs are being neglected. No matter if women become white-collars, mothers, doctors, or entrepreneurs, their career, in some way, forces them to focus more on the new roles other than their self-consciousness. Whizz, is dedicated to women’s ready-to-wear, recently stresses its proposition. Referring to the name, the brand states, “No matter if your occupation requires you to work from home, to meet outside, or to take care of the household, Whizz encourages women in all stages to keep their briskness, vitality, and intelligence. Whizz wishes its apparel makes every individual shine at her daily moments.” 

Established in New York City, Whizz’s founders noticed that not many women feel they act like themselves while living here. Fast working pace, overwhelming tasks, and high living costs force them to adapt to their new roles as quickly as possible. They have no time to develop their interests or to look back at their originality. They must finish the work and take care of children rearing without any excuse. Even though New York City is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, females have minimal time to shop for themselves. Based on this situation, Whizz’s founders hope to remind them – don’t forget to look after yourself at any time.

Besides trendy designs, Whizz pays more attention to its texture and materials. The founders believe that comfort is the priority for its customers. “While we live under the daily pressure, we don’t want apparel to limit our motions. We want to feel relaxed but also attractive, no matter what we do. The premise of taking good care of families and work is taking care of yourself.” One of the founders says.

For this season, Whizz announces three collections, including Soft Staycation, Comfy WFH, and Chic Summer. Customers can choose different outfits depending on circumstances. Due to COVID-19, Whizz has extended its return policy from 14 days to 30 days. Furthermore, it will announce a signature WFH set within the following weeks.

For more information, please view the website http://www.whizzofficial.com/.

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