Idyllic Rural Rehab Center Provides Full Aftercare Packaged Services for Drug Addictions

August 24 23:15 2020

From its rural setting in Thousand Islands, Ontario, 1000 Islands Rehab Centre offers a full range of expert drug rehabilitation aftercare services to its patients. Patients are sheltered from the outside world trials and tribulations such as finances, relationships and work commitments while they are in rehab. But, if not properly managed, going back into the real world can resurface similar issues to those that contributed to the patient’s drug abuse in the first place. With a primary focus on helping its patients return smoothly and successfully to normal life following their main rehabilitation treatment, the center’s aftercare services cover all aspects of reintegration back into normal life.

The role of 1000 Islands Rehab Centre’s aftercare team is to prepare patients for this re-integration into mainstream life. While they will have new tools and skills at their disposal into how to deal with situations and challenges, the risk is that they are not fully prepared to deploy those skills outside of the protected conditions of the Center. At the same time, back in the real world, patients re-gain access to drugs and alcohol, and potentially the people or social circles that provided them. With the combination of these conditions and other factors, there is the risk that patients could relapse if not handled properly.

1000 Islands Drug Rehabilitation aftercare services handle these latter stages of a patient’s rehabilitation process. Instead of care ending when inpatient care finishes, the aftercare team provide ongoing support to the patient themselves, and also their support network of families and friends.

The Center’s comprehensive range of aftercare services include access to a 24/7 support helpline for patients or families to call in the event of a crisis, ongoing monitoring of patients’ progression through their reintegration into daily life, and any adjustments they could make to their daily lives. The service also offers a package of educational resources tailored for patients and their supporting relatives and friends designed to equip all parties with the tools and skills they need to move on with their lives.

In terms of direct support and access to individuals, the rehab aftercare services also assist with identifying relevant local 12-steps or other support groups for the patient. Further to this, the service also offers referrals to local therapists and counselors recommended by the center, and who provide ongoing consultative sessions and therapies close to the patients’ home.

All-in-all, 1000 Islands Rehab Centre aims to provide for its patients across the complete lifecycle of their treatment, beginning with intervention and diagnosis, and continuing through into the treatment program itself, and, ultimately, into the full-service aftercare program. This approach ensures that the center’s patients are all able to successfully withdraw from their substance with an appropriately medically supervised detox, with expert help available at every step of the way.

About 1000 Islands Rehab Centre

1000 Islands Rehab Centre is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in the Thousand Islands area of Ontario. Providing a complete range of services from initial diagnosis and treatments to aftercare and reintegration into normal life, the center prides itself in providing a quiet retreat for those looking to rebuild their lives, while being sufficiently accessible for friends and family to visit.

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