Low Cost Employee Management System by Ergonomics International Addressed by Dirk Dusharme Quality Digest Editor

June 23 08:32 2020
Low Cost Employee Management System by Ergonomics International Addressed by Dirk Dusharme Quality Digest Editor

Mark Heidebrecht and Sam Bradbury, partners of Ergonomics International, were  recently interviewed by Dirk Dusharme, Editor in chief of Quality Digest about tracking COVID-19 safety measures. Listen to the video podcast here

Heidebrecht and Bradbury discussed the Employee Management System (EMS) software, an app from Ergonomics International that companies use to track compliance with COVID-19 safety measures; it monitors employee health, workstation safety, touch-point sanitizing, and more. 

Heidebrecht shared, “One of the best values of the software is that it provides documentation and it allows us to share that we did our due diligence. Unfortunately, this virus is very contagious; this isn’t a vaccine, this is not going to kill the virus, but what it will do is show the company has done what they can to prevent the spread of the virus  which complies with OSHA’s General Duty Clause. 

In part, OSHA’s General Duty Clause states that each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees. 

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About Ergonomics International

Each with more than twenty years’ experience working from forensic investigation to factory floors, Ergonomics International focuses on designing and implementing tools that are evidence-based. Mark Heidebrecht (MSE, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) and Sam Bradbury (MAOM, ATC, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) built one of the largest ergonomic libraries globally, including one of the largest occupational epidemiology datasets to make the most informed decisions.

In addition to one of the largest data libraries, the company utilizes a statistical epidemiologist and assembled peer-reviewed studies focused on ensuring the latest and best answers to ergonomic and human factors impacting the challenges that companies face.

Recently, the company introduced one of the most powerful software tools for companies and insurers to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk. This mobile compatible software tool provides the best information to help management quantify and mitigate risk.

For more information call (913) 488-3127.

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