Now On Kickstarter, “Myths at War,” An Interactive, Strategy Focused Card Game

June 17 12:18 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a card game set in some of the main mythologies of the world, designed for strategic tournaments and creative, challenging play.

In Myths at War, an exciting mythological tabletop card game, players must build custom decks and fight against their rivals. A strategy game for two or more players, made by gamers for gamers, Myths at War makes it possible to own every playable copy of every card, and challenges players to build new decks every week for real-time strategies and interactive play.

Based on some of the main mythologies in the world, including Norse, Japanese, Hindu, American Native, Voodoo, Sumerian, Chinese, Greek, Aztec, Roman, and Persian, Myths at War adds a supernatural setting, like Transylvanian or Cthulhu Mythos from H.P. Lovecraft’s literature, to these mythologies for a unique card game experience. A project that began in 2013, Myths at War has evolved with 13 expansions, over worldwide 500 tournaments, and nearly 20,000 units sold. Additionally, a full-length novel and comic have been produced around the game’s central themes.

Now adapting an English edition on Kickstarter with “The End of the Age of Men,” early backers can get 330 new cards between the Norse, Japanese, and Egyptian mythologies. Each mythology includes pantheon cards that define game strategy and mechanics, and allow characters to build armies, supply resources, combat random events, and balance action, equipment, and invocation cards. In this fast-paced game, players must confront each other to determine the fate of a mythology, and build and balance their decks before the start of each game according to a defined set of rules. To win, a player must achieve a certain level of power or defeat their opponents, depending on the playstyle preselected at the beginning.

A combination of strategy and collection, Myths at War is now on Kickstarter. Various expansion sets to improve decks are being produced. Support this new card game on Kickstarter today here. Pledge just €1 to support the project, or €29 or more to receive exclusive rewards that include sets of cards and expansion packs. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast! The first card sets are expected to release in early November 2020.


Myths at War is a card game set in some of the main mythologies of the world. In Myths at War, build a custom deck and fight against rivals using pantheon cards, armies, resources, and random events. A project that began in 2013, Myths at War has evolved over the years with 13 expansions, 500 worldwide tournaments, and nearly 20,000 units sold.

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