How Tree Service Marketing Masters – Codd Consulting Are Helping Their Clients To Consistently Fill Their Job Pipeline With Pre-Vetted Tree Clearing Jobs

June 16 21:39 2020

With a relentless focus on their client’s results, the team at Codd Consulting and their founder – Dylan Codd, have been completely changing the customer acquisition process for tree service business owners. With their proprietary tree clearing job acquisition system, they’ve been able to pave the way for tree service businesses that are looking for aggressive expansion.

Within the past year, Codd Consultings team has helped multiple businesses grow from multiple six figures a year to multiple six figures per month in a very small timeframe while utilizing their proprietary marketing system. This method has also been picked up by marketing firms like RE-Advantage, Enrich3, Estate Effect and many more.

“We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing community of hard working individuals. I wake up everyday loving what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.” – Dylan

Codd Consulting started off as a side project that was started when Dylan became the top performing students while attending university. Little did he know he would be running one of the fastest growing marketing firms on the planet in just a few years.

With their dream team of seasoned marketing professionals who have collectively managed millions of dollars of advertising spend, Codd Consulting brings these businesses the fuel they need to thrive for generations.

When asked about their “Shotgun Method” they decided to give us a very small glimpse into why this method is so powerful and how it’s worked time and time again.

Business owner Shaymus Merriott commented: “We stress this to every business owner we come into contact with. One of the biggest secrets to any marketing success is consistency. This doesn’t mean putting out 5,000 flyers and waiting for the jobs to roll in. We mean having an online and outer world presence. Let’s say for example that you were to drive into town and go shopping for a weed wacker. You will subconsciously go to a well known hardware store of some sorts, right? Maybe Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc. But the point is, these businesses have massive outer world recognition and a powerful online presence. This is how they dominate the local competition. They adapted, invested, and took over the market. Now, our method revolves around a similar process, and that’s exactly what we teach our clients. How to maintain their consistency and growth while dominating the local areas and competition.”

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