Danny Nessim, The Top Rated Insurance & PEO Broker In New York, Shares Secrets To Getting The Most Competitive Health Insurance and Corporate Benefits For Businesses

June 09 18:55 2020

One of the biggest challenges owning a small business is finding the right health insurance plan for your employees. It can be difficult to offer competitive benefits that entice potential talent without breaking the bank. This is where Danny Nessim, New York’s most talented insurance and PEO broker, is able to add incredible value. His company, A&C Management Group, is a boutique, PEO and insurance brokerage firm. He and his team specialize in getting small to medium size businesses the type of benefits that are typically offered to corporations with thousands of employees. 

The way A&C is able to do this is by placing your business with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  Once you are in this pool of other small businesses, you are able to get fortune 500 type benefits. Employers have the choice to offer benefits from a wide range of the top health insurance providers such as Aetna, United Health Care, Blue Cross, etc. PEO’s can even offer a 401k, payroll, risk management, and Human Resources services. Because you are now part of a larger group, you are able to get more services and benefits for your employees, while paying less money on medical costs. 

There is a co-employment relationship between the PEO and the business they serve. This means that it is in the PEO’s best interest to protect their businesses in the unfortunate case they get sued. In addition to the services a PEO can offer, they also provide protections such as employment practice liability insurance. This is a liability protection that a lot of smaller businesses might not have. 

Small businesses that use PEOs are proven to grow 7-9% faster, have 10-14% less of a turnover rate, and are 50% less likely to go out of businesses. However, The key difference between going to a PEO directly and using A&C Management’s services is as a broker they are able to leverage PEOs against each other to get you the best price and ensure that you are matched with a professional employer organization that best meets the needs of your company.

Danny started A&C Management over 25 years ago and has the expertise to find small businesses the best medical rates as well as corporate benefits.  His goal is to bring value to his clients and save them the hassle of worrying about expensive health care costs. He has his series 6 and 63, and is a certified health and life insurance broker in multiple states. 

His driving force is to bring employees better benefits for a lower price. He has been building relationships with PEO’s for almost 13 years, and knows how to leverage large group benefits for his clients. He negotiates with the heads of the PEO’s for what his clients need and can save ten of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. 

If you are a small to medium size business owner who is being crushed by employee health care costs, Danny specializes in working to lower those rates substantially, while at the same time giving your employees a wider range of benefits.

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