Local Bariatric Clinic Now Open & Seeing Patients Virtually

June 04 23:46 2020

Lubbock, TX – For those who have considered weight loss surgery, or are wondering whether or not weight loss surgery is right for them, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on moving forward with those plans. Many clinics had to shut down temporarily, preventing people who want to go see a doctor from getting the consultation they need.

Not only that, but patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and are in need of regular health checkups post-op have been largely unable to get it.

That changes now, as West Texas Bariatrics at SWAT Surgical are now open… with a twist. They’re open for business at their office, but they are now also seeing their patients virtually, preventing any potential spread of illness and complying with social distancing requirements.

If you would like to come into the office, West Texas Bariatric promises to keep to hygiene standards. Our team is equipped with sufficient PPE such as gloves and N95 masks.

So what does it mean to have virtual appointments with a bariatric surgeon? The process is simple. First, the patient will need to call the office and schedule and appointment, or do so through their website at https://westtexasbariatric.com. Then, they will be provided instructions on when their virtual appointment will be, and how it will be administered. 

The virtual appointment system will allow bariatric patients, both pre-op and post-op, to have their necessary checkups, consultations, and recommendations without having to set foot in a doctor’s office.

But that’s not all: West Texas Bariatrics also has online tools and services for people who are considering bariatric surgery, but are unsure whether or not they qualify or if it’s truly for them. One way that West Texas Bariatrics has been helping prospective weight loss surgery patients is through their special questionnaire.

How does this questionnaire work? It’s quite simple: first, the patient enters some important information about themselves. They’ll need to provide their height, weight, BMI, the procedure they’re interested in, and whether or not they’ve had weight loss surgery in the past. This questionnaire is HIPAA compliant and secure.

After filling out the questionnaire, the patient is given the opportunity to schedule a consultation. Now, virtual consultations are available.

The records from this questionnaire are then used in the patient’s consultation to figure out whether or not they qualify, what procedure is likely right for them, and what they have to do to prepare for it.

To learn more about West Texas Bariatric and to schedule an appointment, visit https://westtexasbariatric.com or call them at 806-771-2222 for more details. The office is open for in-person appointments and they can also schedule virtual appointments.

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