Ricko Baird: The Journey from Singer/Dancer/Choreographer fulfilling his dream of become a top Recording Artist & Entertainer

June 04 22:04 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 4, 2020 – Recording Artist Ricko Baird the multi-talented entertainer began his career as a Dancer working with all the great Singers/Entertainers of this era. Aaliyah which was Ricko Baird’s first professional job as a dancer is where his career began. From there with focus and determination Ricko went on to work with Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Mya who he choreographed and won an MTV Video Music Award for the song “My Love Is Like Whoa”.

Ricko then reached the apex of fulfilling & culminating his dance talent expertise by working with the legendary Michael Jackson who he called his teacher and mentor in Music & Dance. Ricko was one of over 1,000 dancers that auditioned and were chosen to go on the “Michael Jackson & Friends” tour.  Ricko then co-choreographed and was one of the main dancers who doubled for Michael Jackson in his hit music video “Rock My World” that starred Marlon Brando, Chris Tucker, and was directed by acclaimed director Paul Hunter. 

10,000 hours or longer they say you need to dedicate to your Craft.  Ricko since childhood knew his gift was to become a Singer/Musician/Entertainer like the greats he looked up to James Brown, Michael Jackson & Prince. He took a break from the Dance world to take the path and journey to sharpen his Musicianship & Vocals and now he’s ready to unveil to the world his Music & Art. Ricko released the EP “SummerRays” to give a preview of what to expect from this multi-talented artist; a musical flight and journey into R&B/Dance/Funk & Soulful Ballads that will take you away to a fresh, modern and vintage collage of influences from his mentors & greats from his newly developed style.

Now the upcoming music project “SummerRays” the album, will capture your musical pallet and connect your spirit to a frequency of Party/Dance/Love and vibration once you press play. SummerRays will guide your listening on a joyful journey to meaningful lyrics with a mixture of Fun, Swag, Dancing, and thoughts of romancing the love of your life.

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