Bald Eagle Construction, LLC Announces New Website For Clients And New Customers Seeking Handyman Services In Greeley CO, Fort Collins, Johnstown And Milliken, Colorado.

June 04 15:30 2020

For the better part of a year, Joseph ‘Short Guy’ Telck, has been serving cities in the Northern Colorado range including Fort Collins, Johnstown, and Milliken, Colorado, as well as offering handyman services in Greeley CO, and while he’s been doing just fine under the radar, working off of referrals, going from one neighborhood to the next, the impact that Joe’s made on his customers, can be found in raving reviews that echo throughout Google and, and as such, they need to be brought to light.

In fact, that is where one such family met ‘Short Guy’ for some initial bathroom flooring, or idea that a family wanted to bring to life, and this is what that one customer had to say:

“My wife and I have always wanted to make certain adjustments and enhancements to our house, inside and out, and we’ve always known owning a home would be an expense, but when we sought handyman services for minor tasks and basic renovations, we were bombarded with insane prices on labor and work, and material from major retailers like Lowes and Home Depot. We knew there had to be a solo Contractor around who could do the work, but we did not know who to trust, because we had been burned in the past, and we wanted to get an honest and fair deal with quality work.

“Well, long story short, my wife was browsing for our neighborhood looking for any recommendations and we stumbled on this amazing post offering local handyman services in Greeley.

“Here we are not more than 90 days later and we have several house projects completed, and at a fraction, like literally 1/5th of the investment these major retailers charge for time and labor, and we still got all the work done fast and to our specifications.

“I mean, we’re adding value to our house, improving it’s worth and improving our surroundings, giving us full peace of mind and a better night’s sleep, and we’re saving money and getting the royal treatment, because Joe is a friend that you can just call on any time of the day, and he’ll put you into the schedule to come by and inspect and chat with you about your project or idea, give a quote or proposal and be there with a smile the following week to get the work done, on time and on budget. It’s that simple!”

Joseph ‘Short Guy’ Telck, is a family man and business owner, operator out of Milliken, CO providing friendly, affordable, honest work and handyman services in Greeley CO, Fort Collins, and the duo Johnstown-Milliken area. Put your faith and trust in ‘Short Guy’ who goes by the motto…

“Big or small, short or tall, any size project, we do it all!”… Support your local NOCO business and get your home improvement projects completed at, provided by your fully licensed, insured Contractor, who has a ‘will-do-whatever-it-takes’ attitude to give peace of mind.

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